When you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and evaluating your options, it’s important to have accurate information for your specific situation. We can help with that through our services. We offer the following:

  • A FREE lab-quality pregnancy test— Sometimes at-home tests seem like a great option when you want fast results, but fast isn’t always the best option for accuracy. We provide free pregnancy testing at our location.
  • A limited ultrasound— This screening can tell you what a pregnancy test can’t. It’s not enough to have a positive pregnancy test when you’re considering your options. Knowing if you’re pregnancy is viable, is also important. A limited ultrasound allows for a medical professional to scan to see how the pregnancy is progressing. There’s a chance you may have a natural miscarriage, and that’s something a pregnancy test can’t tell you. We can provide this service for you at no charge, as well.
  • Confidential conversations— You have a lot on your mind. You may not be ready or willing to share your thoughts with someone you know personally. Because we know this can be a difficult conversation, we are here to listen to you – your needs, goals, and desires. You deserve an opportunity to talk through the choices that lie ahead. Take the time you need to explore your options in a confidential, nonjudgmental setting.

If you decide to continue your pregnancy, we can provide information, assistance, or referrals for medical care/Medicaid, housing, food/WIC, clothing, supplies, and education. We will be with you on your journey.