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So she thinks she’s pregnant?

That may have you feeling worried and maybe even trapped. Many guys think that saying “I’ll support whatever you decide” is a great way to make your girl feel comfortable, but that actually puts all of the pressure of the decision back on her. It’s like saying, “You figure it out, and I’ll go along with it.”  

The first thing you need to do is to just let her know you’re there for her. Then help her get an appointment at our center, where we can help you both understand all of your options. We can also help answer questions you might have concerning the pregnancy, like the following:

Was the at-home test accurate?

Sometimes at-home tests seem like great options when you first suspect she could be pregnant, but they’re not always the most reliable. Our services that include FREE lab-quality pregnancy testing paired with a limited ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy is a great way to know for sure what’s going on. 

Is this pregnancy viable or could she be headed for a miscarriage?

Most people aren’t aware of how common miscarriages actually are. According to the March of Dimes, who specializes in research on miscarriages, as many as half of all pregnancies may end in miscarriage. A pregnancy test can’t tell you that her body may be preparing for a miscarriage, but a limited ultrasound exam administered by a licensed medical professional can. An exam like this can also look for conditions like a  blighted ovum, which can give a positive pregnancy test result, while there’s actually nothing growing in the gestational sac. We provide those services at NO-COST to you at our center.

What are our available options?


No matter which way you are leaning, our staff is here to listen and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. No cost. No pressure. Totally confidential.

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